Bubble Soccer Birthday

Just imagine playing indoor soccer…only in a huge blow up bubble. I don’t think we’ve felt this way since the cool kids McDonald’s Party!

My upcoming birthday was the perfect occasion.  Four cars full of friends headed to the Northern Beaches to The Football Factory to play Bubble Soccer.



Running around on the synthetic indoor grass we were like crazy big kids on red cordial.  The referee, threw us some bibs to choose from.  Yellow and orange defined our team colours.

photo 3

How do you get inside the ball? Simply crawl in with the handles in front and wear the straps like a backpack.

With a party of sixteen, some of my “not so fit” friends substituted at half time while the “more active” players (surprisingly myself) chose to play for the full twenty minutes.

photo 4

No words can even fathom how fun it is bouncing around with legs up in the air because you were bowled over unexpectedly. You just have to be there.

LOL the highlights make me laugh every time!  It’s hilariously fun!  Most of my friends and I have neither skill nor fitness and we all had a blast.


Bubble soccer is incredibly fun for all ages, and affordable too.

$30 per person for 1 game or $50 per person for 2 games 

$200 deposit is required to hold your booking.  Final numbers and full payment must be paid the Friday before.

Organising Tips:

1) Collect money off everyone a week prior in case some people are late with payments.

2) Unless your friends have paid, DO NOT count them in final numbers or you will have to pay for them if they don’t show.


For more details including bookings, click thefootballfactory.com.au

2/8 Aquatic Dr, Frenchs Forest NSW 2086

(02) 9972 7766


Martini Mondays  x



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