Pad-Thai Perfection

I’ve eaten many a pad-Thai around Sydney, and even tried the authentic flavours from its place of origin, right in the heart of Thailand. Out of all the places I’ve eaten, including fancy restaurants with beautiful scenery decor to smaller take-away style venues, my favourite pad-Thai to ever touch my taste buds, hands down is a humble dine-in & take away spot in Willoughby, North Shore of Sydney called Thai Noodle Hut.

Located at 339 Penshurst Rd, closeest intersection being Victoria Rd, walking by, you wouldn’t think it was anything to rave on about, until you see how busy it gets after 6pm, even on week-days.

Thai Noodle Hut location

With a clear glass door entrance, on the left you can see the line of chef stations busily preparing and cooking up a storm, as well as the line of customers who wait patiently to pick up their delicious order. On the right, you can see the customers seated amongst the black and orange tables and their faces as they are enjoying their meal.

Waiting for my meal, I face towards the flat screen TV so I don’t miss X-Factor & occasionally I see the sparks and flames flare alive from the stove, keeping me in awe and in suspense whether my order is being cooked next. Just the thought of my vegetarian curry puffs, satay and pad-Thai coming, makes my mouth salivate. My eyes light up when I see the waiter come with my order. The service here is efficient. It wasn’t even that long after I paid with my card for my meal, when he approaches; maybe around 10-15 minutes? As I take my first! How can I even describe to you in words..

Pad Thai with your choice of Chicken, Beef, Pork, Prawn or Vegetables.

The taste of the pad-Thai is a perfect balance of lemongrass, peanut, your choice of meat (chicken, beef or pork) and other secret Thai ingredients (I know not what) with thin flat noodles topped off with the fresh juice of a lemon on the side, squeezed on top to your liking. Other places I find they are too peanut sauce heavy, or oily or stingy on the meat – but not here, this recipe is literally a perfect balanced of flavours.

Prices are very reasonable only $12-$15 for an average main meal. The portions are very generous, so the value and bang for your buck is amazingly economical and perfect for a student or anyone on a budget. If I had take away, as a petite girl, I can eat half for dinner and the other half for tomorrow’s lunch.

Dinner for two and an entree only cost $30. Who says money should get in the way of quality food!

If you love Thai food, especially Pad-Thai in particular, I highly recommend you stop by Thai Noodle Hut and try for yourself.

My favourite dishes include: Pad Thai, Pad See Ew, Chilli Basil Noodles & Laksa for a main meal, while Vegetarian Curry Puffs, Spring rolls, prawn money bags and chicken or beef satay are my ideal entree selections.